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Writer and editor based in Berlin. 

Art Editor for The Berliner and contributor to Artforum, Studio International and Aesthetica Magazine. 

Recent publications as editor or essayist:

Artist Books

Benjamin Rubloff, When I Was There, Kettler, 2024

Ulf Saupe, Inmediación, Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, 2023

Sebastian Acker, Traces Of Other Places, Kerber Verlag, 2022
Edi Rama, Work, Hatje Cantz, 2020 – the artist and Albanian Prime Minister’s first comprehensive monograph



Tina Braegger, The Dream Relatives, Hacienda Books, 2023


Michelle Jezierski, Verve, 2024

Oliver Laric, Mémoire vive, 2023

Kim Bartelt, Break Easy, 2023

Image: Juliane Spaete

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